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Operator application
« on: December 10, 2014, 08:13:12 PM »
Server you apply for: Goodgamers DarkRP
Position you apply for: Operator
For the DarkRP server, the rank to apply for is "Operator".
Steam name: No1IrishStig
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:90064458
Approximate playtime: 3 days 2hr
Reason you want to become an operator:I would like to become an operator because i find manys of times i get continuously killed by people and some times is isn't just Rdming, i find people do all sorts of stuff like Cdm, I've been cdmed more than 20 times on purpose. I also get Randomly arrested by new people. I have caught people self supplying, propblock, prop surfing and prop pushing and i tell them to stop and if they dont i Taze them and call an admin or op and they will kick them, sometimes they would watch over them. I prefer to take these situations into my own hands and sort it out instead of people coming to help me, i do understand if this is not verified but i really hope it is verified if not i understand.

P.S i am usually only on after 4 i have school i always go on during the weekend as long as possible!

Thanks No1IrishStig
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Re: Operator application
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Neutral - I have not seen this user for a while in server.
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I'm not the admin this server wants but I'm the one it needs!!!!! (dramatic fade into darkness!).

I almost got enough Darkrp money to buy the server in darkrp!


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Re: Operator application
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This application had been voted in the staff meeting and has been:

Great shot! or AIMBOT!