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« on: September 22, 2013, 02:54:42 AM »
This is the OFFICIAL format for administrator rank applications.

Before you apply, make sure you are fit for the position!
1. Make sure you know all the rules for the server you are applying for!
2. You are given powers to make sure no one breaks the server rules, do not use the powers to help yourself in the game with roleplay situations, for example - spawning weapons, using powers to get into bases (noclip or teleporting), stopping players from robbing/raiding/mugging, giving yourself free items etc.
3. Try to be as active as you can be, Time off is ok - Just let us know.
4. Be responsive, notice the OOC or calls for an Admin in chat and see if people need help and go and help them.
5. Don't get too harsh with the bans! Banning a player permamently or for months for one RDM is not a really good habbit, try to give them chances. Preferably by giving a kick first (This normally works)!

Application form - Copy and paste into a new topic.

Topic Title: <NAME> - Admin Application - <SERVER> (Roleplay/etc)

Server you apply for:
Position you apply for:
For the DarkRP server, the rank to apply for is "Operator".
Steam name:
Steam ID(If you know know use this:
Approximate playtime:
Use in the in-game "uTime" addon which is the blue box in the top right of your screen for your play time, Please have a minimum of 80 Hours (3 Days and 8 Hours) before applying.
Reason you want to become an admin:

NOTE: You can't apply for administrator straight away, first rank that you might be given (if staff finds you suitable enough to support your application) is Operator.
If you do not meet the required playtime, do not apply as your application will be instantly denied.

Remember MINIMUM 80 HOURS/(3 DAYS AND 8 HOURS) in UTIME, failure to adhere will result in an instant denial, as well as less chance of future applications being approved due to an apparent lack of the ability to read.
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